All About The Scones

Scones do not occur universally and although most countries probably have some sort of equivalent it is doubtful if we in the UK would recognise them as true oven scones. Of course you can also get girdle scones but sadly these are not generally available so for our purposes we concentrate on the good old oven scone of which there are many variations. One cafe we visited on the Isle of Skye had over 20 different scones ranging from plain to cinnamon/apple.

What constitutes a scone experience. First and foremost it is of course the scone; if it is good it will be light and fluffy, if it is bad it will be heavy and firm .. a ‘stoatin bit’ as my mother used to call them. Secondly, everything that goes with the scone is almost as important, the jam, the butter, the cream, the tea or the coffee .. you can have an excellent scone but it won’t work if these other things let it down. Thirdly, the presentation in terms of napkins, plates, cutlery and of course the service. If any of these are lacking or missing then the whole experience can be compromised .. am I getting too serious?