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Nicola Sturgeon sconey

Rolling the doughNow you all know that this is not a blog about politics, although a wee bit might creep in from time to time, but we could not resist putting this one up. She has been called a the most dangerous person in the UK by the media, a voracious weevil by London’s mayor, the most ruthless person in Britain (she cut her sister’s doll’s hair) and many other derogatory things besides. She has also been called the most accomplished politician in the UK and has managed to make the most tweeted enquiry ‘can I vote for the SNP in England’ .. quite extraordinary!
If all of this was not enough .. she makes scones. Okay it was a photo opportunity in Kilmarnock, but as dedicated sconeys she definitely gets our vote, along with 51% of other Scots according to the newspapers. Maybe that should be the test for who next occupies No 10 ..  the best scone? Instead of leaders debates where they all stand in a line and talk over each other they could have a bake-off and whoever makes the best scone wins. Scone of destiny2To be honest, they might as well, rather than coming up with ever more promises they have not got a hope in hell of keeping. Scotland, along with it’s First Minister is being called all sorts of things, mostly uncomplimentary. Even this close to the election they don’t seem to realise that Scotland is not being difficult just for the hell of it but because they are utterly fed up with Westminster politics where Scotland’s voice is almost never heard. The SNP does not want to ‘break up’ the UK, they just want to leave it, in much the same way as the Unionists are saying they want to leave the EU. These scones look good, pity we did not get to test them.


Dan’s scones

What a busy day, the Grand National and the Oxford and Cambridge boat race all happening today. Before all of that however we were invited to a fabulous afternoon tea at First Avenue with our daughters and their friends. Dan03We thought there would only be a few cupcakes (Carolyn’s speciality) but no, there was tons of sandwiches (fab Fiona), tarts, biscuits (scrummy Kirsty) and scones. Everything was delicious but, as self-confessed sconeys (scone enthusiasts) special mention must go to Danielle’s scones. Not only were they as good as anything we have tasted elsewhere but they were heart shaped .. lovely touch. All present have duly been awarded ‘honourable sconey’ status.

Fiona won  our National sweepstake.