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Dormy Clubhouse – Gleneagles

The intention was to go for afternoon tea to the five star Gleneagles Hotel .. but we were refused .. can you believe it .. for goodness sake, do they not know who we are? Actually they were very nice and very apologetic. A man spent quite a long time trying to fit us in but eventually had to admit defeat, they were sooo busy .. serves us right for not booking. By way of a consolation prize he directed us back down the drive to the Dormy Clubhouse which overlooks the 18th holes on both the King’s and Queen’s golf courses .. Gleneagles Dormy 07this means a lot to some folks but to us it is just grass that needs cutting. We had a look inside and decided that, if we were going to have to rough it, we could just about get by in here .. the cozy fire in the middle of the floor was more than enticing considering this was our first really cold wet day of the winter. By this time we had jettisoned the idea of afternoon tea and both opted for a simple fruit scone and a coffee … but, this being Gleneagles, it seemed to take a team of four to deliver this relatively simple order. Not complaining, we were just sitting by the fire reading the papers while they fussed around us. If nothing else the Dormy is notable for it’s sugar lumps … they are all individually wrapped? When our scones arrived they came with a little pot of butter and three different jams; raspberry, strawberry and marmalade. Gleneagles Dormy 04The butter was beautifully soft so that it spread really easily, which was just as well because the scones were so light that they almost needed to be pegged down to keep them on the plate .. absolutely fantastic! Now, being at a golf club, we had thought that this post might be about sport and the trials of the IAAF in particular … but unfortunately the tragic events in Paris have overtaken everything. In spite of wall to wall coverage by the media and the usual platitudes from politicians there is virtually no hard information as yet. Cannot help thinking of a recent Twitter spat between Rupert Murdoch and ITN’s Jon Snow. Murdoch was bitterly bemoaning the cruel state of the world and Snow rather aptly replied, “I find that in life one reaps what one sows”. When you consider that there are only 22 countries on the planet that the UK has not invaded at some time or another (France probably not much better) and that Paris is a bit like a doughnut, white in the centre and black on the outside, it is amazing that the West is constantly surprised when this sort of thing happens. Maybe you, like us, get angry when an advert comes on the telly from a charity asking us to send £5 for a mosquito net to completely transform the life of a child in Africa when our government simultaneously spends trillions on wars. For a tiny fraction of that cost they could supply every single child in Africa with mosquito nets .. and render the charity pointless. Until our governments start to find money to help people as easily as they find money to kill them these horrendous events will keep happening. They’ve got a bit of a cheek, we hear you say .. sitting there pontificating in their posh surroundings, eating their scones .. we know, we know! Anyway, you will be aware that our favourite scone comes from Fonab Castle but these Dormy ones, along with the recent ones from Olympic Studios, might be worthy rivals. Maybe we will have to check them all again to make a final decision but in the meantime our thoughts are with all those caught up in the disaster in Paris.Gleneagles Dormy 01

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