External view of Kilmahog Woollen Mill

Kilmahog Woollen Mill

Firstly, let us wish you all a good new year, may it be a great one … in spite of all the dodgy politics.

Now, what you have all been waiting for … the first scone of 2018! It wasn’t the balmy -1°C temperature that drove us in here in search of woolly underpants, but simply that we were out and about on a beautiful sunny day enjoying the scenery and this is where we ended up … quite by accident. It was a bit nippy though! For those unfamiliar with Kilmahog (quite a few we suspect) it is just outside Callander at the junction of the Trossachs and Lochearnhead roads. It’s a tiny hamlet of just a few houses yet manages to sport two woollen mills … the Trossachs Woollen Mill and the Kilmahog Woollen Mill as well as a pub (The Lade Inn) with its own microbrewery. At one time the Oban railway ran through here but it is now a cycle track and popular as part of the Rob Roy Way. Still standing at the road junction is the 19th-century toll-house where Queen Victoria once had to cough up some money in order to continue her journey.

Samson's putting stone near Kilmahog
Samson’s putting stone on Bochastle hill

Best of all though, on the small hill opposite Kilmahog there is a massive rock, known locally as Samson’s Putting Stone. Legend has it that, Samson, one of the Fingalian giants threw it  three miles, from his home on Ben Ledi during a competition with rival giants. Some say he actually threw it from Ben Lawers … a phenomenal twenty three miles.  Yet others say it is a glacial erratic left by a receding glacier … but, to us, this explanation seems slightly far fetched. One thing is clear … these giants did not tidy up after their games! The woollen mill itself is pretty big and, of course, stuffed full of everything tartan you could imagine … yes, underpants! Internal view of Kilmahog Woollen MillThe café part is quite big as well and obviously is set up to deal with bus parties in the summer. When it’s busy you probably would not notice the rather utilitarian nature of the place but when it’s quiet it becomes rather obvious. The service was what we would normally describe as ‘surly‘ and far too Scottish for our liking. With Brexit on the horizon we had better get used to it … no more of our eastern european friends eager to work and giving excellent happy service … what an idiotic world we live in! A scone at Kilmahog Woollen MillOn the upside, our somewhat low scone expectations were confounded when it turned out to be surprisingly good …. fresh and slightly crunchy on the outside. They charged a fortune for the jam but the cream was plentiful and good. On its own, this could have maybe squeezed into the topscone category but the overall experience let it down badly … shame! Expectations were further confused by a warning sign in the toilets. It seemed to suggest that you would only get hot water if the wind was blowing from a certain direction, or the moon was aligned with Mars … Warning notice at Kilmahog Woollen Millor, maybe it was simply down to Samson being in a good mood … who knows? It certainly heightened anticipation when using the cold tap. So our first scone adventure of the year had mixed outcomes … good to be on the hunt once more on such a lovely day but a frustratingly disappointing scone experience over all …. things can only get better! Or maybe not … as Theresa May gets on with rearranging the deckchairs we hope that at least she, unlike the local giants, will at least tidy up after herself because it is bound to end up in a mess no matter how much she shuffles them. In the USA, Oprah Winfrey is thinking of running against Donald Trump. We have no wish to take anything away from Ms Winfrey but how on earth did it get to this?

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3 thoughts on “Kilmahog Woollen Mill”

  1. 2018 scone experiences can hopefully only get better than this one. To think that this is a place where lots of tourists are taken on their bus tours is sad. Scotland has more to offer, come on people pull up your socks and put a smile on your face and a chirpy note in your voice be proud and show our visitors we can do better.
    The scone was really quite nice though.

  2. A happy New Year to you both too, managed to get to your 1st posting using P.C. the iPhone is off updating again.
    Kilmahog and Lade inn bring back fond memories, though I have never ventured into the Woolen mills. Have stopped to talk to Hamish the highland cow was he still there?
    Sad to here your visit was without Scottish welcome, maybe you should have tried beer in the Lade.
    I am currently sampling Asda’s cherry scones, a bit well fired on outside for my liking, and distribution of cherries is poor, they either floated to the top or were an afterthought, we need to share a scone one of these days to see if our tastes are correlated. Anyway a bright new year despite the scones weather and politics.
    Best wishes

  3. David, glad to hear that you managed to get the whole thing. Unfortunately I have to report that Hamish died … think it was last year but he was 23 so had a pretty good innings for a Highland bull.
    Agree that a joint scone effort would be very welcome. If we are down your way we can try and synchronise.
    All the best

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